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Gordon Richardson

Experience in Industrial Sensors, Instrumentation, Controls, and Electromechanical Systems

Following are descriptions of typical consulting assignments:

  • Developed the business justification for, selected, negotiated, and concluded an acquisition that provides improved access to American markets for a European supplier of pressure sensors
  • Assessed the potential impact of new technologies on high-performance workstations, computer peripherals, office products, product and process simulators, coordinate measuring machines, computer displays, plotters, imaging systems, NDE equipment, mail sorting systems, machine tool control systems, process control systems, industrial sensors and transducers, and printed circuit board materials
  • Conducted the pre-IPO technical due diligence for the major supplier of machine-vision-based circuit-board inspection systems
  • Directed numerous projects to identify, assess, and conclude negotiations with organizations being considered for acquisition or divestiture
  • Managed the project that guided the post-merger integration of two global suppliers of industrial controls and instruments
  • Conducted numerous assessments of product development and research projects to identify barriers to success and process, staffing, or organizational changes that would accelerate progress
  • Explored emerging, business-related applications of virtual reality in a series of workshops for selected equipment manufacturers
  • Developed a new strategic direction and a supporting business model for the core businesses of an established supplier of industrial pumps and sealing systems, based on customers' future needs and expectations
  • Assessed and redirected R&D programs in advanced instruments for a manufacturer of industrial products for the continuous process industry, saving about $2 million/year
  • Planned and directed Arthur D. Little's entry into industrial and automotive markets with new sensing technology
  • Created an e-commerce strategy and map of this emerging competitive space to guide business development and market entry for a supplier of industrial MRO products
  • Managed fast-track development projects, including a debit card system for laundromats and the control station for cargo hooks and the rescue hoist on the Boeing V-22 Tilt-Rotor aircraft



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