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Experience in the Oilfield Service and Supply Market

Following are brief descriptions of some completed assignments in oil- and gas-well drilling markets:

  • Adapted a methodology for generating strategic plans to developing scenarios of the future competitive environment to resolve market entry issues in measurement-while-drilling (MWD) for a major supplier of drilling-related products and services
  • Planned and carried out the field test program for a new, patented drilling bit that incorporates an hydraulically activated stabilizer
  • Developed a tutorial on the business of directional drilling for the senior management of a major oilfield service and supply company
  • Conducted a field-interview-based assessment of the performance of a client's mud logging services and provided recommendations to increase their business from repeating customers
  • Helped plan the field test program for an hydraulically powered percussion drill and provided recommendations that improved its serviceability in the field
  • Conceived, planned and managed the development of the first computer-based drilling simulator used for training directional drillers
  • Provided guidance on the staffing of the product development organization and evaluated several types of sensors for downhole applications for a client entering the Measurement-While-Drilling (MWD) business
  • Managed fast-track development projects for the first microprocessor-based steering tool and the first high-speed, gas-filled gyroscopes for downhole applications
  • Conducted detailed technical assessments of Measurement-While-Drilling (MWD) systems that employed electromagnetic and mud pulse telemetry
  • Identified expert witnesses in inertial sensors and real time systems and, with them, provided expert testimony to support the legal team representing a major supplier of drilling related services



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